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Be a youth leadership Ambassador!

Are you interested in being more actively involved in our organization? Looking for leadership opportunities that allow you to blend your interest in social justice, your creativity, and your

desire to make a difference!? This position could be what you're looking for!


In this role, you have the ability to gain volunteer hours for social media posts we provide you with (the responsibility and perks of a Social Media Ambassador), AND you can also gain volunteer hours for spearheading awareness activities and campaigns within your school and community. With this youth leadership role, you have the creative opportunity to develop and implement ideas that foster relationship health education. It can be as big or small as you'd like it to be (and for whatever networks you'd like to engage with - example: school-based, extracurricular peer groups, work groups, family networks etc.).

Being a Youth Leadership Ambassador means wanting to participate in

a positive youth movement in a more active way!

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