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Not all men are part of the problem. 

All men can be part of the solution.

Gender-based violence has been perceived as a

"women’s issue" for too long. 

EngageMENt is our program for boys and men, created to encourage our male allies to participate in conversation and action to end gender-based violence.

It’s long overdue that we engage boys and men as

leaders in violence prevention!  

Our pilot engageMENt program rolled out in high schools in the

fall of 2017-18.


 Over one hour a week for 4 weeks, our facilitator guides students through discussion around music and movies, sports culture, online and video games – through a gender lens.  


The groups discuss what healthy masculinity means to them, and explore ways that they can help end gender based violence. We promote young men taking a leadership role and taking action.

We all have a part to play.

Interested in being part of EngageMENt or EngageMENt Jr.,

or bringing our programs to your school?  



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