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Teacher and Kids in Library

Thank You!

Thank you for leaving a comment. Our continued growth and expanded reach have been driven by word of mouth from teachers, CYCs and principals all around Halton. We truly appreciate all the positive responses we have received from the education community.  Please feel free to leave any suggestions for improvements. We greatly value your feedback so that we can continue to deliver high quality presentations to improve the well being of our community. 

-Jerusha Mack, Violence Prevention and Community Education Supervisor

"I just wanted to give you a huge THANK YOU for providing us such wonderful workshops for the past several Thursdays.  Kirsten Boyle has come to my virtual grade 2 classroom for the past 6 weeks.  Each week she does amazing, relevant, and interesting presentations for my class.  Her lessons have been so valuable in teaching them how to build healthy relationships with each other.  Even though my kiddos can be slightly off topic, and LOVE to overshare, Kirsten responded so positively and made every single kid feel like a valued member.  This year has been so tricky trying to create community without actually being together, and I honestly believe these weekly sessions have been huge in helping us to achieve that.  My class was so sad to say goodbye to Kirsten today.  I highly recommend her!    We are going to miss her here in class 2-6!"

-Sarah Maurice, Elementary Teacher

“Thank you for supporting the Life Matters event in Georgetown.  It was a phenomenal day and you were an integral part of the success that was enjoyed.  We would like to extend our deepest appreciation for your contribution in making our community a safer place to live, work and play, and for inspiring and engaging our youth.”

-Constable Maureen Andrew, Halton Regional Police Service

Halton Women’s Place has a series of presentations about building healthy relationships that should not be missed! They are engaging, pertinent, and tie in beautifully with the Health Curriculum.  All of the presentations are delivered by experienced OCT’s who connect with the students and establish a safe, inclusive environment for positive learning.  Highly recommend!  

-Kim Krug, Grade 7 & 8 Phys. Ed. Teacher, Aldershot School

Thanks again Brent for all of your support!

Staff are really looking forward to the presentations, they tie in perfectly with our School Improvement Plan and will definitely support student need!

-Louise Cronin-Nowitsky, Principal, St. Michael’s

Thank you so very much for all of your hard work and for being at the conference. I loved having you here and I know that you changed the perspective of so many students for the better.

-Emma Moss, Empowerment Conference Co-ordinator, Robert Bateman High School

You made a difference, and we are so thankful you took time out of your busy schedules to spend the afternoon with our students.  Thank you so much for helping make our event a success and we definitely looking forward to collaborating with you again in the future!  

-Christa Talarowski, Teacher, Garth Webb Secondary School

Our grade 6 students were thoroughly engaged with the presentation put on by Halton Women’s Place. They found the topics very relevant (i.e., styles of communication, stereotypes, relationships with friends) and enjoyed Brent’s presentation because it was interactive and related directly to their ideas and interests.  Thank you for such an amazing series of presentations, we will continue to have these programs at our school!

-Melanie Francis, Grade 6 Teacher, Abbey Lane P.S.

The grade 4 and 5 students at Kilbride School really learned a lot about using their technology safely. Such an important part of preteens lives. The presentations were entertaining and informative. I would definitely have the speakers return next year. 

-Angela Watson, Teacher, Kilbride P.S.

Halton Women’s Place came to my classroom to deliver two health lessons, on decision making, and bullying. Kyle was prompt and professional. He was able to quickly establish a rapport with my students in a short amount of time, and delivered lessons that were meaningful and engaging. They were able to participate freely in discussion with Kyle and enjoyed interacting with him. I would definitely recommend this program!

-Kaitlyn Harshaw, Teacher, Charles R Beaudoin PS

I want to thank you for your time and fabulous presentations to the parenting and families classes at MM Robinson.  Your professionalism and interactive presentations were perfect. Many of the students commented that they really enjoyed the sessions and the information was critical to learn at this point in their lives. 

Sincerely, Linda Williams (Family Studies), MM Robinson High School

I wanted to send you a “Sunshine Note” re: the Halton Women’s Place “Mirror Mirror” presentation that was facilitated by Brent and Kyle (3 presentations to different classes) today at St. Mary school.


It was a privilege to have Kyle and Brent at our school today to share the “Mirror – Mirror” presentation with our Grade 7 and 8 students and have the students engage in different discussions about the information. 

We look forward to seeing them again this Friday at the Wellness Day at St. Gregory The Great school!

 We also look forward to Halton Women’s Place visiting our school again next week for the “Technology In Relationships” presentation.  Thanks!  

– Mark McHenry, Grade 8 Teacher, St. Mary Catholic School

Thank you for coming in and speaking to my class.  It was a very informative presentation which gave us a great deal to think about.  I will certainly have you back to speak to my class again next year.  

–Sheila Ross, Nelson HS

I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to come in.  There was some great discussion the following day around your presentation.  It is always nice to have guests in, especially when they can offer a different perspective.

-Ryan Persaud, Teacher, Nelson HS

Thank you so much for coming in today.  Students were engaged and interested in the material.  By doing this presentation in different classes, you are making a difference in someone’s life.

Thanks again,

Elena Leah, Teacher, Georgetown DHS

Thank you for taking time to help us with our program!

-62nd Burlington Rangers

Thank you, Kyle. Merci!  Thank you for teaching us about consent.

-F.I. Phys. Ed. class, Garth Webb SS

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